The Bilderberg Conspiracy
The Secret Meeting of Your Masters

Not so long ago, saying that "The Bilderberg Conspiracy" was real, was a sure fire way for the average conspiracy researcher to be excluded from his friends, family and children through fear that he was a mad man. While this ostracisation from friends and family still may happen, it is becoming rarer than it used to be as the tide of public knowledge and opinion changes.

The idea that as a society we are governed and ruled by a small select group of elite individuals is becoming an increasingly popular and mainstream view. The recent occupy movement is testament to this, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets in protest against “the 1%” they feel are taking an unfairly large cut of the pie. But who actually makes up the 1%?

The 1% are often generalised as the 1% of wealthiest people on the planet, however the Bilderberg Conspiracy suggest something far different and more terrifying.

What is the Bilderberg Conspiracy?

Bilderberg is the name given to a regular secret meeting between the worlds most powerful people that takes place in different locations each year. The name originates from the first of these meetings which took place in the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands in 1954.

Among those who attend the meetings are the most powerful leaders of almost every European and American country, Royalty, the President of the Central European and World Bank, the top 50 CEO’s of the world’s most powerful corporations, the international monetary fund, and members of the federal reserve. Even today's working mans hope, Barack Obama has attended these meetings.

Our great friend Tony Blair even attended these meetings in 1993 which he recently admitted after decades of lying about it, as can be seen thusly.....

You really are one slimey mother fucker, Tony. It turns out that the current Prime Minister,  David Cameron also attended the bilderberg meeting in 2008.

So what we have is Tony Blair at the meeting in 1993, then elected as Prime Minister in 1997. David Cameron Attending in 2008, then elected Prime Minister in 2010. There is also evidence to suggest that George W. Bush and Barack Obama attended these meetings before they were elected.

This isn't proof that these guys were put in power by the decisions made at Bilderberg, but it seems a bit of a coincidence that almost ALL of our "elected" leaders seem to be associated with this vile, secretive group and the wealthy members in some way or another.

Attending alongside these corporate payed for pawns, are the top players in the world’s mainstream media (which is why the vast majority of people have never heard of the Bilderberg Conspiracy before, it’s almost never reported in the mainstream media! Edit: The UK Bilderberg meeting in 2013 had some laughable TV coverage from the BBC due to the large protest demonstrations taking place near the meeting. The BBC reports went on to make light of the demonstrations as "conspiracy theories" and totally played down the importance of the event)

Now I don’t know about you, but if I was a journalist or owner of a news organisation, and I found out about a secret meeting where the most powerful people in the world were meeting up to devise in secret the outcome of every part of human society, I'D PROBABLY FEEL IT WAS FUCKING NEWSWORTHY!

But no, this media conspiracy shows us the level of corruption in our mainstream media, it’s only there to tell us what the elite of the world want us to know, and also to fill our heads with the latest celebrity nonsense, such as who's fucking that worn out skeleton of a woman, Angelina Jolie this week.

So this list of presidents, CEO’s and Royalty comes to around 120 people. 120 people who literally run the world. No matter how you look at it, and how much you convince yourself that all “conspiracy theories” are bullshit, this fact is self fulfilling. The people in these meetings own all the wealth, control the food, the energy, possess all the power and influence, and have control over all the worlds major armies, police and resources.

Like it or not, that is pretty much the definition of running the world! 

The occupy movement have actually massively understated the level of elite control at 1%. After doing a quick calculation with a global population of 7 billion people, 120 people in fact makes up 0.0000002% of the world’s population! 

The 7 billion people that live on this earth are subject to the decisions and will of around 0.0000002% of its population who meet in secret to make decisions. Ain’t it nice to live in a democracy!

The truth is the Bilderberg Conspiracy is not really a conspiracy theory at all. These meetings DO take place, this is now proven, public knowledge for anyone with the inclination to find the facts.

People mock the Bilderberg Conspiracy because they believe “if this were true I would have heard about it”. In other words, a conspiracy like this is so massive and difficult to pull off, there is no way everyone wouldn't know about it by now. Well not if you get all your information from popular media, these people are part of the meetings and want you to know nothing about them.

And aside from all that, you’re hearing about it now! The only question is what you do with the information.

So we know that these meetings take place, that isn’t up for argument anymore. But what isn’t fully known about the Bilderberg Conspiracy is what is actually discussed at the meetings.

What do the 120 most powerful people in the world talk about behind closed doors for 3 days every year? And more importantly, why does it have to be kept private from the public? 

There is a saying that goes something like this, “Good is performed in the daylight, Evil is plotted in the dark”. I believe it would be safe to assume that whatever is being discussed and decided inside the Bilderberg meetings is not for the benefit of the general population. 

The Bilderbergers I fear, are not our friends. Click Part 2 below for the concluding article.

Part 2

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